Graduated in 2018, Zekeriya Oguzhan Hicyilmaz holds a degree of Bachelor of Architecture from Baskent University. He established his firm studio zachariah for the academic purpose and practicing architecture in 2018 after graduated. As a young researcher and practical architect, he has always put all efforts into improving his knowledge about architecture re-action, housing development, renovation, urban researching, architectural animation, modeling, illustration and presentation.

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Zekeriya Oguzhan Hicyilmaz



Evin Halleri – Nevzat SAYIN

2020 – Workshop – Evin Halleri by Nevzat SAYIN

In the workshop program where the interfaces of the house in modern architecture are examined during the pandemic process, the workshop program conducted under the team captain of G.A.S Arch founders Omer YESILDAL and Ayca YAZICI

Interface – Studio Zachariah

2020 – Buro Time Design Awards

Home office furniture design competition; In the pandemic process, it is expected to reveal the strengths and creativity of the users with solutions that support home-office culture, determine the working space in the home, increase motivation and offer customizable details.

Tobik – Studio Zachariah

2018 – TRT Character Design Competition

2nd prize in national character design competition organized by TRT Cocuk in 2018

Catching The Stars – Studio Zachariah

2018 – Comikon Istanbul Comics Design Competition

Comikon Istanbul comics contest shortlist results