2020 – Interface

Buro Time Design Awards

As a result of the analyzes for home office life, when the social life and domestic mobility factors are taken into consideration and ergonomics are an indispensable criterion, the design of “interface” has emerged as a solution. As an idea, it is aimed to create an interface between a portable surface and home and work life. The interface will be a new interconnection element that aims to break the perception of standardized personal space definition in the home-office working culture while providing home comfort in the space for office work.

2020 – Bedroom in Arles by Van Gogh

Render Version

It is a 3D rendering project that we participated in the drawing contest organized by TRT 2.

2019 – Terrace


In a city intertwined with nature, how can the unique beauties of nature seamlessly intertwined with a detached house ? The terrace aims to create a connection point between this house and nature.

2019 – Mosque Unit

Southeastern Anatolia

In the historical process, Islamic civilizations made innovations in their religious structures according to the developing technology and geographical features. As in other building forms, we can see the effects of cosmology and astronomy of that period, especially function, on symbolism on the structures of the period. In all these historical process analyzes, the application of the form of worship and the structure stand out like most architectural elements. As in the Kufa type mosque plan, the most prominent examples of this are the fact that the prayer action can be in a transverse direction and that the people gathered for worship try to gather under a single dome (unit). The act of gathering and uniting people in a single focus has been the main concept of our project.

2019 – Fluctuation

Young Bird Plan Office Design Competition – China

CIDA where resides in centre of Hexi district, Chentang Science and Technology Commercial region, makes researchs for development focus on innovation actively. New corporate office of NDU aims to become a symbol structure for innovation and innovational design. In Tianjin, According to data about region, ocean and lakes reside in north, while two rivers and 160m cityscape zone reside in west. These natural riches contain important data and inspirations which can construct the base of project. Via wave concept, NDU’s logo and vision will fuse with geographical features.
This project with wave concept provide us to describe different volume and areas through undulation move. And this innovative concept touches to North Design Unions vision that attach importance to innovation.
With this project , solid,static and described forms replace with futures innovative vision and waters fluid,flexible volume vision.

2019 – Re

Cemer – From Dream To Reality

The world is a playground. Actually, playing house is the main game that we will see when we go down to the childhood of most of us. Or a castle we made from cushions, and when we go out, it is a tree house that we create from bushes and various branches.

So have you ever thought about what is the result of these productions? Based on this example ”Re” was designed for acting as a door to its magical world that is had by each children.

Consequently, the design purpose of re: comes to life at this point. Not only by offering them the opportunity to play any game, but also as a tool in which they can revive their magical world, they witness perhaps the most important moments of our lives. It gives us the opportunity to carry our vast dreams of our imagination to this world.

2018 – Dream Box

YAC Kid Factory Competition – Italy

Imagine a magical box that can make our dreams real.
That box is landing on Laveno from the sky and coming to life.
This dream box presents its magical places to us for fulfiling our various
purposes and making our dreams real.
It gives us most precious two things on the earth;
knowledge and experience.

2018 – Library Scorpion


The library project is located in the arizona meteor pit, used by the NASA astronauts as a study site. The purpose of the design is to enable the space industry to interact with the younger generations, allowing the next generation of astronauts and space scientists to witness the trials and studies of astronauts at an early age. In addition, the library aims to complete the aim of making theoretical support in addition to applied science with a wide archive containing space research